While every precaution has been taken to ensure the safety of you and your possessions,

the owners of the units, managing agents and letting agents of Seabrook will not be held
responsible for any loss or damage sustained by whatsoever cause whilst on the Seabrook
premises.   This includes:
Care to be taken when using the lifts (watch for level that lift might stop)
Care when walking on slippery floors (when raining, mopping, painting)
Care when leaning on sliding windows especially on upper levels
Care to lock security door, front door and windows facing the passage.


I, the responsible person and signatory, take full responsibility for the contents of the
above flat.  I undertake to look after it and its contents, to lock the door when in the flat
and when vacant.
I am totally responsible for my private possessions, like money, jewellery, computers,
cameras, ipads etc.


To get my breakage deposit of R300.00 refunded via EFT timeously, I will report any discrepancies
on the form provided (check inventory list in flat) and I will report to the office immediately
if there is any major maintenance problem.
I will make good any lost, broken or damaged items which occur during my stay.


I understand that there is a penalty of R200 if I ignore the following things:
I will leave the setting of the fridge on 3 and not turn it up or down.
I will leave the safe open and diffuse my code by pressing the red button inside it.
I will not leave dirty dishes and pots and pans etc. On departure.
I will leave the tv on standby or leave it on but the sound switched down.  TV’s may not be
switched off, as the humidity and dampness from the sea plays havoc with the tv.
I will return the full set of keys, including the remote control and the magnetic disc to the
key return box in the office door.
EFT (electronic transfer of funds) is our preferred method of payment, which does not
attract any bank charges.  Please use this method to settle your bill.
Debit and credit cards may be used, but there is a handling fee involved.
We do not accept CASH at the office (for security reasons).
One parking bay per apartment is included in the price.  Should you plan to bring a second
car, you need to book and pay for the additional parking in advance.  Failure to do so, will
result in your second vehicle not being allowed access to the building.


1.     No rental of accommodation to persons under 21 unless accompanied by an adult or indemnity form signed by each parent. 


2.     A non-refundable cleaning/admin fee of R500.00 is charged on each and every reservation.


3.     A refundable Breakages Deposit of R300.00 is charged for out of season and R400 for peak season and will be refunded into your bank account within 10 days of your departure date if the required form was received by the office, if there are no losses or breakages.


4.     Note: The payment of this deposit, in no way limits the Lessee’s liability in respect of loss or damage to the accommodation or its contents.  It is the sole responsibility of the Lessee to claim back the “Breakages Deposit” and should this not be done within 3 months after the expiration of the Rental period then such Deposit will be forfeited and no further claim shall or can be made against the Lessor. The breakage deposit will only be refunded if the banking details are sent to Zest on the correct form provided to the lessee. No informal e-mails, sms’ed bank details or verbal bank details will be accepted.


5.     All bookings must be fully paid in advance no less than one (1) week prior to occupation. A minimum of 50% of the total rental to be paid on reservation and the balance to be paid off monthly till booking is fully paid one week prior to arrival. No keys will be issued if the full and final payment has not been received one week prior to arrival. Weekend bookings require 100% payment with reservation, with no exceptions.


6.     In the event of a cancellation, your deposit will only be refunded less admin fee if another reservation is made by other guests for the same period.


7.     No extra guests allowed over and above the number of beds in the apartment and each and every guest’s name and details have to be submitted prior to arrival for verification.


8.     No smoking allowed inside units and no pets of any kind allowed.  Children are to be supervised in the playroom and in the lifts.


9.     The volume of music and noise is to be kept to a reasonable level at all times.  None of our accommodation is suitable for guests who intend playing loud music, playing boisterous and noisy games or holding parties of any sort.  If a disturbance is caused that leads to our other guests and permanent residents complaining, the Lessee may & will be evicted and will forfeit the rental paid, and will have no further claim against Zest.


10.  The servicing maid’s duties do not include washing of dishes nor making of beds unless specified on making the reservation and such type of service is booked and paid for at the office of Seabrook.


11.  Dishes are to be washed and put away before departure at the end of your stay.  If you do not do this, an amount of R100.00 will be deducted from your breakages deposit. Beds should not be made, as they will be stripped and sent to the laundry.


12.  The Lessee accepts full liability for loss or damage to the apartment and its entire contents.  There is no insurance cover if theft occurs.  Only the owner’s furniture and fittings are insured, please make use of all security measures in place to secure the flat and your belongings.


13.  Automatic gates must close fully behind you when entering or exiting the complex. The foyer gate which has a magnetic lock must be fully closed before you leave it.


14.  The Lessee accepts responsibility for the keys and remotes handed to him/ her on arrival – keys to be handed back to the key return box in the door of the office or to the reservation desk if the office is open.


15.   Time of arrival – strictly after 2 pm. Time of departure – strictly before 9.30  am – unless a prior arrangement has been made with Zest